Lofthouse TPS



I ended up planting 7 seedlings grown from Joseph Lofthouse’s TPS.  I’m hoping that they will produce lots of potato berries.  The past two years have been somewhat disappointing for harvesting TPS because my potatoes either did not set berries or dropped them before maturing the seeds.


TPS and Seed Potatoes for 2019

Last year, my potatoes did not set any true seed.  They were also quite overwhelmed with weeds by the end of the season.  This year, I will be growing all of my potatoes in pots.  I plan to grow 10 TPS plants from Joseph Lofthouse’s seeds.  I will also be growing Dark Red Norland, Daisy Gold and Desiree potatoes from tubers.

Growing Potatoes in 2018

This year, I am not growing potatoes from TPS due to time and space constraints.  I hope to grow more TPS potatoes in 2019.


I am growing the following varieties from tubers:

Yukon Gold

German Butterball


Strawberry Paw

Adirondack Blue


Diamond Toro TPS Harvest


FL Fingerling TPS Harvest

In 2015, I bought some red-fleshed fingerling potatoes while on vacation in Florida.  I brought two tubers home and planted them in 2015.  This plant is from TPS that was produced by those tubers.


Bountiful TPS Harvest

TPS for this plant came from Joseph Lofthouse.  This plant was very vigorous and had the most vine growth of all my TPS plants this year.  I was very impressed with it.


‘Bountiful’ Potato Harvest


Adirondack Red TPS Harvest

The months of unexpectedly hot, dry weather in 2016 were not good for potato growing.  Overall, between TPS plants and regular tuber-planted potatoes, my yields were low and the plants did not produce berries.  However, this plant defied all expectations.  It produced a record setting yield of beautiful, multi-colored tubers.

These red-skinned tubers have mostly yellow flesh with a pink blush.  Very pretty!

These red-skinned tubers have mostly yellow flesh with a little pink blush.  Very pretty!