2015 and Other Varieties

In 2015, I grew 13 varieties of potatoes from TPS listed below:

  1. Skagit Beets (from Tom Wagner)
  2. Diamond Toro* (from Tom Wagner)
  3. Hedge Rose* (from Tom Wagner)
  4. Pig Knuckles* (from Tom Wagner)
  5. Blue Shetland (from Curzio Caravati)
  6. Blue Victor** (from Curzio Caravati)
  7. Amarilla* (from Curzio Caravati)
  8. Morada Ojuda (from Curzio Caravati)
  9. Elongated Red Diploid** (from Curzio Caravati)
  10. Carola
  11. Yukon Gold
  12. Adirondack Red
  13. Adirondack Blue

*plants produced a few berries with a small amount of seed in each berry

**plants produced several berries with many seeds in each berry

***plants of this variety produced the most berries and seeds


I also grew 19 varieties of potatoes from tubers listed below:

  1. Red LaSoda
  2. Mountain Rose***
  3. Yellow Finn**
  4. Blossom***
  5. Austrian Crescent*
  6. Gold Rush Russet
  7. Keuka Gold*
  8. Magic Molly**
  9. Rose Finn Apple
  10. Anuschka*
  11. Chieftain
  12. All Blue***
  13. Adirondack Red*
  14. Kennebec
  15. Bintje*
  16. Desiree*
  17. German Butterball*
  18. Yukon Gold**
  19. Florida Fingerling*** (This is a fingerling potato variety with red skin and red flesh that I purchased from a farmer’s market in Hollywood, Florida while on vacation.  I’m not sure of the real name)


In 2014, I grew 5 varieties of potatoes from tubers:

  1. Adirondack Red*
  2. Adirondack Blue**
  3. Yukon Gold***
  4. Carola**
  5. Red Gold

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